The Search

16 – Tracking Kellogg – Part 3

November 7, 2287 – Nick Valentine, Dogmeat and I walked along the road that led between the mammoth support pillars that were giving their best try at supporting the remains of a crumbling highway overpass. This was the same highway that used to run from parts north, past Bedford Station, and all the way down to the Mass Pike Interchange before continuing on to Natick. I wondered if the technology existed any more to create massive structures such as these. There seemed to be certain kinds of tech still available today. I was walking with a robot that could almost pass for a human, were it not for the torn parts of skinlike wrapping revealing the workings of the machinery behind his face. And just a few yards behind us was the torn-apart remains of what appeared to be a lean and powerful military-type humanoid robot, most likely also from this “Institute,” that had thrown a good scare into just about everyone at Diamond City and from which my traveling companion had been unceremoniously discarded. Continue Reading

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The Search

15 – Tracking Kellogg – Part 2

November 7, 2287 – It felt like I had only just shut my eyes, when there was a knock at my door at the Dugout Inn. Bleary-eyed and groggy, I opened it, and was instantly knocked down by an over-enthusiastic Dogmeat, who proceeded to lick my face relentlessly. I looked up, and Nick Valentine was standing in the doorway, chuckling. “Looks like you found a friend,” he noted. Continue Reading

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The Search

14 – Tracking Kellogg – Part 1

November 7, 2287 – Nick and I left his office in Diamond City and headed out past home plate toward the abandoned West Stands, where we hoped to find more about this mercenary, Kellogg, and the young boy that traveled with him. Based on the description I had given, Nick suspected this was the man who had killed my wife and took Shaun. If it turned out to be true, there was a pretty good possibility that the kid was Shaun himself.

I suddenly realized that yesterday had been two weeks since I had emerged from Vault 111. If Nick and Ellie’s description of Kellogg’s kid was accurate, and if it really was Shaun, he would have been out here for maybe up to ten years. That’s such a long time when you’re a kid. I remembered summers seeming like they lasted forever, followed by bitter cold winters that seemed to drag on and on until the snow melted and the warmth and color returned to the Commonwealth once again. Continue Reading

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The Search

13 – Finding Valentine – Part 2

November 6, 2287 – I found Nick Valentine. He’s alive — well, if you can call it that. You’re going to think I’m crazy, especially given how critical I’ve been of the Mayor and all the paranoid folks at Diamond City. You’re going to say my head was messed up by wild mongrels, Super Mutants, and raiders, that spending a night in the cold, clammy basement of a old church, next to bags full of human remains with who knows what kind of infection running through my blood… Well, let’s say under normal circumstances, I’d think the same. But I know what I’ve seen, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Valentine is a synth. I don’t know if the people at Diamond City know he’s a synth. You’d have thought someone would have mentioned it to me, especially Ellie or Piper, since they knew for a fact I was going to find the guy — the thing? The person? But they didn’t mention it. Seems like it would have been an obvious — if not important — thing to tell me if they knew. So how do I know he’s a synth? Continue Reading

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