2017/11/01 – OK, I finally have a recording date – this Friday, November 3rd. My wife and son will be out Friday night, so I will be able to record then. The latest this episode will drop is in the early morning hours of Monday, November 6th. Again, my humble apologies for taking so long with this episode. It’s the longest episode yet in terms of words, and probably will also be the longest in recording time, but we’ll see. In any case, being a meatier episode, I hope it somewhat makes up for the super long delay. Again, my goal is to get two more episodes done before the new year. I want to get one more short one done before we go visit my folks in NH for Thanksgiving, and then I’m taking a week off between Xmas & New Year’s, so I should be able to get another one done before the beginning of the year.

I did slightly re-write the ending of this episode so that I’m taking the power armor from the lake across from Covenant instead of going back to the Red Rocket. I want to get right into the Glowing Sea. I know the T-45 there is missing a couple armor plates, so I wrote in a quick plan to stop at Diamond City on the way through to the Glowing Sea and buy some. I’ll have to do some research and find out exactly where I can pick that up. If you know, please feel free to write in!

2017/10/18 – Haven’t been able to record the episode yet. This weekend I had household projects to finish while the weather was good. Just waiting for a few hours I can get the house to myself to get the narration recorded, probably won’t happen until Thursday or Friday night, unfortunately. Had to stay late at work tonight, and tomorrow I am helping a friend. This episode just doesn’t seem to want to get done, but it will be done! Again, apologies for the continued delays. Not long now though.

2017/10/12 – That was rough. Probably the toughest episode to write so far for some reason. Maybe because I’ve been taking this writing thing way too slowly and I’m just not in the swing of a regular writing routine at the moment. Writing is done, I just need to record, edit, and mix now. I think I should be able to post this Sunday or Monday late.

After this episode is posted, I’m going to get started right in on the next episode because I want to have Episode 24 up before Thanksgiving, and I’d love to have Episode 25 up before we usually head up to New Hampshire for a few days around the December holiday. Would be really cool to reach the big two-five before 2018.

Samuel is still stuck in Covenant right now, so I actually have to walk to the Red Rocket, and then I’ll probably check out Sanctuary Hills to see how the settlement is doing. After that, it’s pick up the power armor and head south to the Glowing Sea. Pretty excited to finally be getting to that area. Crazy to think it was two years ago now that I first saw the creepy pictures of that place, and now I finally get to see it in the game.

It seems a lot of you have this page bookmarked, so I’ll try to stop in at least once a week to let you know how things are going.

2017/10/03 – I am actually writing, it’s just taking longer than usual. I think I need a couple more nights to finish it up. I decided to add some extra stuff about Samuel’s recovery, and then I usually give it a day and then go back and edit, and then I need a time to get the house to myself to do the recording. After that, I’m not going to take my customary break, I’m going to start right in with the next episode so that it posts at the beginning of next month, even if it’s only three weeks between episodes. I really am committed to pushing up the schedule to every month.

2017/09/18 – I’m sorry, I’m going to have to push this episode a week. My whole family (including me) got sick this past week, and I haven’t been able to get the writing done I wanted, particularly over the weekend. So I’m going to move the post date to the first of every month going forward. Sorry about yet another delay.

2017/09/05 – OK, I’m setting a hard deadline of Tuesday, September 19th to have Episode 23 – Covenant posted. I had some maintenance around the house that pretty much took up the weekend, along with a lot of work for a local political organization. So mark the date now, September 19th. After that, I’m going to set deadlines for the 2nd Tuesday of every month because I need to start putting myself on some serious deadlines. I think I should be able to put out a new episode every month at least.

2017/08/29 – The Covenant episode is partially written, but I’m not sure it’s going to be done by labor day weekend. My head must have been in a fog while I was trying to play the game, because it’s hard for me to remember what was said by any of the characters. I think I was distracted and just really felt like getting to the Glowing Sea, so I kind of rushed it. So I have to go back and watch the rest of the video (I take video as I’m going to get the sound effects and such) and we’ll see what I can construct. I’ll post another update this weekend. I should have the episode written before the weekend.

2017/08/22 – I started playing the Covenant area last night and will see how much I can get done tonight. After that, it’s just assembling what parts of the story I want to include in the podcast, and then I’ll start writing. Once the writing has started, the episode usually comes together pretty quickly. Usually the writing and editing is done in a few days, and then I just have to find when will be a good day that I get the house to myself so I can record the narration, and then it’s just mixing after that. The issue is always beginning that writing process. I’m going to push to have the next episode up by next Tuesday or Wednesday, the 29th/30th. I’d like to go into Labor Day weekend with another episode completed, that way I can feel like I can relax over the long weekend. I’ll post another update after this weekend.

2017/08/07 – It’s been a little over a month since the last episode, which means I need to get my ass in gear and get the next one done! Only problem is that I’m totally caught up in the game to where I am in the podcast, so now I actually have to play Covenant and then figure out what I want to keep as far as the podcast goes, and what not to use, and then what to embellish as well. My wife and son will be gone next week for a trip, so I plan on playing for a couple hours this week/weekend to get the material for the next episode, and then hopefully when they’re on the road I’ll be able to do some writing and maybe even some recording. I’ll update again early next week to let you know where I’m at!

2017/06/26 – Not a moment to spare. I finished recording the audio tonight, and now just have to mix in the music and sound effects. I’m lucky this time in that most of what I wrote is in order with how I played, so I hope to be able to get this done in one night (which would be tomorrow, before I leave New York for a few days). I am hoping to get Episode 22: The Long Way Home posted by around midnight (Tuesday night / Wednesday morning). Running time for the episode is approximately 25 minutes.

2017/06/18 – I never thought it would be another three months before I posted another episode, but I think I’ve gotten about half of it written. I’m going to try to finish up the writing in the next few days, then I usually like to give it a day or two to settle, then come back and do a final edit. I tend to edit as I write. I know you’re not really supposed to do that, but it’s how I work for now. After that, I just need to record and do the editing. I believe I’m still on target to finish this before I leave for vacation on the 28th. My guess is I’ll do the recording and mixing this coming weekend and release the track on the 26th or 27th. One way or another, I will have it done before I head up to New Hampshire. I’m estimating it’s going to be another long episode. Probably approaching 30 minutes again. Thanks again for your support.

2017/03/24 – I should be recording the narration for episode 21 tonight, and hopefully will release it before the weekend is over. It’s a shorter episode, just because I’m stuck and I need to get this done so I can keep moving. It just covers the Memory Den. The next episode, which I have actually started writing already, will cover the trip to Covenant. After that, it’s an episode on Covenant (depending on how long that takes) and then the next one to the Red Rocket to pick up some Power Armor. That should be a long episode. I’m also thinking about offering some short webisodes between main episodes and wondering how people feel about that? If you have any thoughts on it – whether I should just keep this series pure and do it as I can, or to put up a 5-minute episode here and there in between the big ones, let me know. This is the lineup otherwise:

  • Episode 21 – The Memory Den
  • Episode 22 – The Trip to Covenant
  • Episode 23 – Covenant
  • Episode 24 – Red Rocket / Glowing Sea

2017/01/06 – I did, in fact, decide to remix the episode. The only place you won’t hear the update is if you subscribe using Google Play Music. For some reason, they store the episode, then play it from there forever. I’d rather they pick it up from my server every time, so I could track it and update if necessary, but they’re Google so what can you do?

I just finished uploading the screenshots to the episode, which is something I hadn’t done when I posted because for some reason I misplaced all the screenshots and had to take them again. I need to get a little better organized.

2017/01/04 – So it took yet another week, but episode 20 finally dropped last night. It was done late, so I might remix it slightly to bring up the sound effects a little as I don’t think they were loud enough, especially at the beginning. But we’ll see.

Since the episode ended up being over 30 minutes (longest episode yet), and I didn’t even get inside the Memory Den, I’m going to have to slightly revise my episode list and timeline I originally posted in November.

Right now, it looks like this:

  • Episode 20 (Jan 3rd) – Finding Goodneighbor
  • Episode 21 (~Jan 31st) – The Memory Den
  • Episode 22 (~Feb 21st) – Covenant
  • Episode 23 (~Mar 21st) – Red Rocket / Glowing Sea

Maybe by the end of 2017 I’ll have finished the main campaign. I don’t think I’ve ever spread out a game over two years of playing.

MindFog is now at 5 hours of content, and individual episodes have been downloaded over 32,000 times from over 23,000 unique locations. There are approximately 400-500 of you downloading each new episode within the 48 hours of release. I’m so amazed by those numbers and the reception this podcast has received, and I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me on this journey!

2016/12/19 – Can’t believe another month has gone by. So sorry about that. Work and home have been tying up most of my time, but there WILL be an episode this week. I promise. It’s looking like Wednesday or Thursday, but it will be done before Xmas! It’s working out to be another long episode. After that, most of the outside work around the house is done for the year, what with winter coming and all, so I should be able to be better about updates. By the end of this year, I’ll have about five hours of content over 20 episodes. My goal is to have the same amount for next year, bringing this project to completion at about 40 episodes and ten hours. That sounds like a satisfying end to me. I’m not sure how much longer it is until the end of the main campaign, but if it comes in around 10 more episodes, I imagine I will take another ten or so for the DLC and some wrap-up of missions that might be interesting to write about.

2016/11/22 – So what’s new. I’m late again. I am going to try to get this episode done over the Thanksgiving break. Heading up to NH for a few days, but will do the writing up there so hopefully I can get this episode posted by next Tuesday or so. Again, I appreciate you all for sticking with me. I’ve played as far as the Memory Den, so the schedule for posting is going to look something like this, at least this is the plan for now:

  • Episode 20 (~Nov 30) – Memory Den, leaving for Red Rocket
  • Episode 21 (~Dec 13) – Stumble into Covenant on the way
  • Episode 22 (~Dec 24) – Red Rocket / Glowing Sea

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you after the weekend!