2018/03/22 – I think it’s safe to say I’m at a point where I’m stuck. I have a whole other section of the game played, and a theme for the episode, but I’m having issues pulling it all together. Thanks for sticking with me. I’m not sure how I’m going to work through this just yet. It’s been frustrating starting back up with the writing only to realize I’m not where I want to be. I’m going to see if I can wrap it up soon. I guess I just have to get it done and posted and if it’s not a good episode, screw it. At least I’ll be moving forward.

2018/02/19 – Took me a good deal of time, but I got the Focusrite installed, and desktop audio recording is working! Here’s my setup. Going to get back into MindFog this week. At least that’s the plan. I just have to install Fallout 4 and re-load all my Nexus Mods. Hopefully that goes OK and I can restore my save files. I’m pretty excited actually. It’s been kind of depressing knowing I couldn’t work on it at all.

2018/02/16 – Since I have received no help from the OBS forum and I’m at the end of the road with any kind of support of the older audio interface I have for my computer, I just purchased a new USB audio interface/mixer for my workstation and will be working on a clean install over the weekend. I’ve been looking at the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 for a while now, mostly because it has additional inputs for my record player and tape deck and will let me keep them plugged in all the time so I can transfer older stuff. Plus, it has current drivers and software and hopefully some support if I run into an issue like this again. I’ll post back if everything works out. Have a great holiday weekend, everyone.

2018/02/13 – From time to time I seem to have issues recording game audio with my workstation. Previously, the NVidia ShadowPlay didn’t want to start, and that seemed to be fixed with an Nvidia update. Now, the recording software works, but it doesn’t seem to want to record audio. I’ve been using OBS to attempt to troubleshoot the issue, since it gives the capability to see the signal strength in the record window, but nothing I have tried so far (even uninstalling and reinstalling drivers) has seemed to work. I’ve been devoting hours to it every few nights, and I’m pretty much at the point where I’m going to have to reinstall my Windows I think in order to get a clean install. I’m a little worried that means over two years of Fallout 4 progress could get wiped out, but I’m at the point where I think I need to try it in order to continue recording so I can get audio for this podcast. On the side against doing that, I know a Windows 10 update was just installed that seemed to change some things in the sound mixer, so I’m a bit concerned that I’ll go through all that hell of reinstalling everything, and then still have an issue (because Microsoft doesn’t seem to want you to record audio from your desktop). We’ll see. Meanwhile, if you’re an OBS expert and can help me troubleshoot, I finally put a thread up asking for help over on the OBS forums here: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/another-no-audio-question.81127/

2018/01/17 – Yes, still running behind. Part of it is not being sure what I was going to write, and part of it is that I think I need to replay a section. As I’ve been doing more research, I discovered a bunch of you like the Children of the Atom, and I mostly skipped past that part to get to Dr. Virgil, and I think I’m going to spend a little more time there to make a full 30 minute episode instead of the shorter one I had planned. So again, my apologies, but I need a little more time with this one.

2018/01/02 – Happy New Year to all my listeners/followers! Hope everyone’s year is off to a good start. My family was sick over the holidays, unfortunately, so not much writing got done. I’m hoping to wrap up the writing for the next episode of MindFog over the next week or so, and then comes the recording/editing as usual. Realistically, I’m looking at Monday, January 15th as a posting date. I’ll post again here next weekend to let you know how it’s coming along. Cheers!