The Beginning

02 – Let’s Go, Pal

October 24, 2287 – Today was one of those crisp Massachusetts fall days. The reason we moved here. Nora used to call them, “sweater days.” So clear you could see for miles. I didn’t sleep well. Guess I was anxious to get to Concord. My mind was swimming with thoughts of who or what I might find there. I got up just as the sun was rising, and Codsworth cooked me up some Cram and Insta-mash for breakfast before I headed out of Sanctuary Hills. Turns out he had been stockpiling food he scavenged after the bombs fell, just in case we came back. Score one for preservatives. 200 years. Who’d have thought. Codsworth and I said our goodbyes and I headed across the footbridge toward Concord.

Dead Dog & Wanderer

Leaving Home Ain’t Easy

Course, it figured the moment I got across, what’s on the other side? Some poor guy lying dead on the road, and not far past him, a dead dog with no skin. The dog thing had a nice tire iron in his gut. Looks like the guy killed the thing after being lethally injured, then he tried to make it to Sanctuary Hills but didn’t get far. I wondered if this was what dogs looked like now. Took the tire iron, the guy’s clothes (yeah, I’ve got no shame – I’m on a mission, dammit) and some stuff from his pockets, and headed toward the Red Rocket station. Looks like this new world is just as violent as the one I left 200 years ago.

So I’m heading over the hill to Red Rocket and I see this pretty large German Shepard. Guess that answers the dog question. He’s not taking an aggressive stance, and in fact, he’s quite friendly. First thought is, a dog this friendly belongs to someone. Maybe they’re close by. Hand on my pistol, I took a quick scout around the station, but no one was around. Just a few giant rats that burrow out of the ground and scare the shit out of you. Holy christ, what else has mutated into giants? My count now is roaches, rats, and flies. I don’t even want to know what the spiders look like now. Really.

My New Pal

My New Traveling Companion

The German Shepard kept following me around, so I finally decided to stop and give it some pets. Seems to want to follow me. Guess I’ll let him keep me company for a bit. Besides, he seems to have a nose for these mole-rat things. Even helped me find some stuff in a cave under the station. Seems like this might be a good place to retreat to if I have to. If I lock the garage door (still works), there’s only one way into the bay and I should be able to defend it pretty easily. We’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m gonna scounge around a bit and see what I can find, then it’s on to Concord.

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