The Search

20 – Finding Goodneighbor

November 12, 2287 – Whenever I spend some time in what passes for civilization these days, I start getting complacent. The northwest suburbs of the Commonwealth are now largely controlled by the Minutemen and the Brotherhood. Diamond City and its surroundings are pretty much under control of the Diamond City guards, or at least there’s an illusion of control outside the gates, finally. But I keep forgetting how necessary it is to stay on high alert once outside those pockets of stability. Continue Reading

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The Search

19 – The Song the Dead Brain Sings

November 12, 2287 – Has someone ever told you something about their past that completely changed how you perceived them? Reason I ask is because I just had a very interesting chat with someone back at Diamond City, and something she told me revealed a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why she’s so aggressively trying to get the word out about a danger she sees threatening the entire Commonwealth. OK, you know who I’m talking about, but I’ll get to that story in just a moment. Continue Reading

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The Search

18 – The Brotherhood – Part 2

November 10, 2287 – Aside from my lengthy nap in the crashed military tank I had stumbled upon in the wasteland just north of Fort Hagan, I had pretty much been going full tilt since Nick and I had started tracking down Kellogg. That kind of schedule was probably fine for Nick, being a synth and all, but when I had first arrived at the Red Rocket, I don’t even think I had realized how exhausted I was. The power armor I had discovered in a Fort Hagen barn had helped make it a little easier to get home, despite being wounded from the shrapnel in the proximity mine explosion near the tank, but now that I had a chance to sort of catch my breath, it was clear that I didn’t have the kind of energy I was going to need in order to break into the Institute. That is if I could even find it. Continue Reading

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The Search

17 – The Brotherhood – Part 1

November 8, 2287 – After rejoining with Dogmeat, and having just seen the Brotherhood of Steel’s mammoth airship sailing out over the Commonwealth, I was wondering if I should reconsider my plan to head north to Sanctuary Hills and resupply, or if I should just make my way back to Diamond City now. I had no idea what the Brotherhood was planning. The announcement over the ship’s loudspeaker that had rained down on all of Fort Hagen had merely said “do not interfere,” and that the Brotherhood’s intentions were peaceful. I supposed that was yet to be determined. Maybe Preston had been right about the Brotherhood when he had mentioned he expected them to make a power grab at some point. I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t my job to save the Commonwealth, and that this really was none of my business. There wasn’t much one man could do about whatever was going on anyway. The best thing I could do is take care of myself, and continue my mission to find Shaun. Continue Reading

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