UPDATE 2023/02/08 – Only a few days late, episode is posted. Part 2 will end To Kill a Courser, and I’m hoping once again to have it posted within a day or two of the beginning of March. Thanks again for listening!

UPDATE 2022/12/28 – Happy Holidays! If you’re reading this, you likely saw a new episode posted for this little project.

Throughout the last couple of years, I was so grateful and kind of surprised that people were still listening. Last year MindFog actually had more downloaded episodes than any year previously, and there hasn’t been a new episode for over two years. For those of you who listened, who wrote reviews, or wrote to me directly to ask how I was doing or just to give feedback on the podcast, I have always tried to respond as best as I can, but I just never really know what to say in response to your kindness and support. So above everything else, my response is I realized I need to keep making these. Sometimes it takes me a while to catch on.

Starting next month, I plan to have a new episode (15 minutes or longer) released before the first of each month. So you can expect the next new episode to drop before February 1st, 2023. If I can keep up this schedule, there will be over ten hours of MindFog story total recorded and released by this time next year. Gotta have goals, right?

I hope your new year gets off to a great start, and thanks for your support!