Episode 24 Updates

2018/10/09 – Finally in editing! Working on the re-recorded narration now (will finish tonight), then I just have to piece all the music & sound effects together – hopefully just another night or two. Gee, this will be only three weeks late? That’s gotta be some kind of record for me, unfortunately. :(

2018/10/08 – Still sound sick. Just waiting this out now. I think I might be able to re-record tomorrow. Once it’s recorded, I’ll try to mix and post quickly.

2018/10/04 – I’d say I’m 80-90% right now. Voice is better, I don’t sound quite so congested. I anticipate releasing this episode by Sunday night. Looking to re-record and mix over the weekend.

2018/09/28 – Still sick, getting better, and with end of quarter we have been finishing some projects at work and I actually have to come in Saturday. I haven’t had time to work on this at all, and I need to rerecord one part and with me sounding like I have the flu, I need to wait until I sound a little better. I feel terrible with yet another delay, I really thought I’d have this wrapped up two weeks ago. I’m going to finish this up as soon as I can, but it looks like another week or so. Really sorry.

2018/09/24 – Called in to work today, worked from home for a half day. I’m feeling pretty lousy, so I’m taking a day or two off from mixing. Sorry the episode is delayed yet again. I really thought I’d be able to get this done in two weeks. Ugh. So close.

2018/09/23 – Well that was fun. Apple just finally restored my podcast to iTunes. Took a while for the site location change to take effect and I had to change a few settings. iTunes was trying to pick up part of the site from somewhere else and it looks like finally their caches expired and now it’s going to the right place. I also put in place a better backup routine. Not feeling too well, so I’m going to go to bed and hopefully finish this up early this week. Sorry for the delay. Shouldn’t be long now.

2018/09/22 – My site was down for going on 48 hours, and my web host said it might take another 80 or so hours to restore everyone, so I’m restoring this from a backup. Yes, sometime tonight I realized I had automated my backups a while ago. So we’ll give SiteGround a chance and see how they do. $50 for a year isn’t horrible I guess. Gonna try to get some more work done on this tomorrow now that I’m back online.

2018/09/19 – Almost done. Got the recording done, just have to edit, add music & effects. If it doesn’t happen this week, I will absolutely get it done this weekend if not sooner. It’s not my best episode, but hopefully it’s something to get me started again. Gotta get back in the flow.

2018/09/16 – Going to need a couple more days to finish this episode up. It’s all written, I just need to find time to record and edit and add all the sound effects and music. My wife picked up a couple extra shifts this weekend at the last minute, so I had to watch my son, and my stepson and daughter-in-law are in town with my new grandchild, so we’re visiting with them today (Sunday), so I haven’t had time this weekend to work on the episode. I should get to record tomorrow night, and then it will probably take me a couple nights to finish the mixing – so we’re looking at mid- to late-week for the new episode. Then I’m going to get started on the next one immediately.